Claiming Refund on an emergency exit SALE

This scenario occurs when the emergency refund is requested by the community when the owner of the presale doesn't click on finalize. It's an opportunity to get investors their money back.

Please NOTE - If the owner has listed on Pancakeswap and has decided to abandon the project. We have no control over any refunds at this point as it has left our ecosystem. DYOR on mint and other tactics - we provide auto liquidity currently on our launchpads.

For eligible claims - ONLY on EMERGENCY EXIT SALE initiated by DxSALE upon community vote

  1. Go to on desktop

  2. Ensure you are on the right network

  3. Go to the failed presale section of the launchpad to find the presale you participated in

  4. There will be a refund button that you can use to get back any BNB for you.