For Project Participants

I’m looking to buy a new token, what should I do?
Head to “DxSale” and click on “Dashboard” to see all currently available projects. Once a project has piqued your interest, just click on the icon and you will be led to an overview with a multitude of useful information about the project and links to our telegram chats, where you can partake in live discussions, moderated by our community managers. If the project, after you have done your due diligence, still seems solid, just set the amount of the relevant currency you want to invest and click “contribute”.
That’s it, you successfully participated in a presale!
After a launch has been successful, you can simply go to the projects page on the dashboard and hit “claim tokens” to get what you paid for.
Although interacting with our platform as an investor is even easier than launching a project, this comes with a huge caveat: You will need to do your own research on potential projects!