Matic Tutorial for using

1) Go to & click on DxLaunch on the left side. landing page

2) Ensure You are on Mumbai or Goerli Testnet to try out the app for free!

3) Click Start to begin!

Ensure you are connected to Matic Network by checking the network field at the top

Filling out standard token form

DxSale provides a high user experience form hosted on the chain for creation and modification.

Let's Fill out the form together, step by step. In the end, you will be to review everything, so don't be afraid & keep going!


Field Name



Token Name

This is the title of your token. It will show up on EtherScan & other listing places as the "title". For us, this is "DxSale.Network"


Token Symbol

Also known as "Ticker", This


Team Tokens

This is where you select the amount of wallets & the amount of tokens they will each have. You can set up to ten team wallets. Enter the token amount (in whole numbers). It's an organized way for teams to have multiple wallets for different purposes - e.g. Marketing, Legal, Payroll etc.


Team Addresses

Next, you will provide the ETH/Matic address to which the amount you've mentioned in step 3 will be sent.


Presale Rate

This is the rate you wish to charge your token for 1 Matic.


Soft/Hard Cap

Soft Cap refers to the minimum Matic you are looking to raise for your presale. If the Soft Cap is not during the presale duration (step 12), investors participated will be refunded.

Hard Cap refers to the maximum Matic you are looking to raise for your presale.

Must be whole numbers


Contribution Limits

The minimum & maximum a wallet owner can contribute in Matic.

This is important to some projects looking to diversify their investor pool & not rely on one wallet buying up all available tokens for the presale.


Uniswap Liquidity

In order to be listed automatically an a decentralized exchange, you must provide it liquidity of Matic & your presale Token.

Here you must provide a percentage of your total raised amount. Given this is a required field, it provides investors confidence that the owner running a presale on DxSale does not have bad intents.

Our DAO provides flexibility of the percentage to 30% minimum.


Uniswap Rate

Also known as the "Listing Rate". Just like Presale Rate from step #5, you must provide a rate of charge for 1 Matic.

This amount should always be lower than your presale rate. Else, what is the advantage of investing early?


Governance Percentage

This is a unique smart contract governance protocol unique to DxSale that is optional to the presale creator. It works on the basis of capital market seed rounds.

The team can choose how much of the total Matic that they've raised to lock for a certain amount of time. Once the time has expired, there is a vote determine by your token holders to determine if you will receive continued funding or remaining Matic be refunded to the holders.


Additional Information

These are all of the social links, logos that we will need to also populate the dashboard. All of these links are hosted on-chain and can be modified at the wallet owners will.



Start Time: When would you like to start the presale of your token. End Time: When would you life to end the presale of your token. Liquidity Lockup: The liquidity from step 8 will be locked for how long? Minimum 3 months required for utility tokens. Team Funds Freeze: Based on # of wallets selected, what is the freeze time of each wallet. Freezing provides assurance to your token holders that investors will not be abusing their tokens or Matic.



The final step to review all of the information prior to starting the deployment of the DAO.


Before hitting submit, lets make sure you have ETH in your testnet wallet.

Getting Matic on Testnet Wallet

You will likely be looking for Matic Token for your Testnet faucet.

Submit Form & Finalize to list on UniSwap

Once you hit submit after revising Step 13 - You will need to pay ETH network fee to deploy your DAO contract.

Your presale is will now be live on the main dashboard of DxLaunch 🥳

Once the Presale is completed. Go to your Manage Presale Dashboard and click finalize button. This will deploy the ETH to the respective team wallet, freeze funds as the owner mentioned, Lists on QuickSwap & locks liquidity for the time mentioned All with one single button.