Testing on a Testnetwork

It’s really important for you to test the functions of your contract and the interaction with our platform. For this, we recommend the Ropsten Test Network. Just insert the same information you would in a regular presale, but consider using a Soft/Hardcap which you can reach on your own. To attain some Testnet Currency go to “Moonborrow” and insert all the necessary information. After this has been done, deploy your contract with this router.
Test Network Guide
  1. 1.
    Connect your wallet with the Ropsten Test Network
2. Go to https://moonborrow.com or https://faucet.dimensions.network/
3. Log in using your Google Account
4. You will receive a small amount of ETH for testing purposes
5. Head back to DxLaunch and hit "Start or Manage"
6. Insert your custom contract address
7. Fill in the form with the specific information of your presale
8. Preview your token and check all the information before you hit "submit"
Now you will be faced with multiple options which will be explained in more detail.
Alternative Asset Listing
This feature is currently deactivated for Ropsten but we’ll include it in the future. If you are on a different chain you will be able to pair your token with another less volatile asset like BUSD.
Vested Claim
With Vested Claim your users will be able to claim their presale tokens periodically rather than all at once. Every time a vesting period passes, users will be able to claim the vested tokens for that period. This feature is useful to prevent heavy sell pressure on launch and to support strong project growth.
This feature will allow you to add all the addresses of your contributors and grant them access to the presale. Just insert their respective wallet addresses, hit “add” and our system will check the information for validity. You can edit the whitelist anytime. Note: If you deactivate the whitelist, your presale will be paused for 10 minutes. Nobody will be able to contribute in that timespan, so be aware of that.
If you have a certain amount of tokens you don’t intend to use at the moment, consider using DxLock. Unlocked tokens may concern investors because they could be sold in high quantities at launch, which would lead to a price drop.

Ropsten Test Network Video Tutorial