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Dxsale.app is a pure decentralized launchpad by DxSale.Network. The DeFi launchpad allows anyone to transfer their minted contract tokens to raise capital. Because the DeFi launchpad has custom tokens, you must review to determine for yourself if the owner has good intentions with his tokens. Join our active investors chats to get some feedback on various presales happening on the platform.

What are your community groups?

πŸ”Š https://t.me/DxSaleAnn​

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» Developers & support - https://t.me/dxdevs​

Investors Chats

  1. 🦍Presale Discussion Group: @dxsalepresales

  2. πŸ’° Price Chat 1: @dxsalepricechat

  3. πŸ’° Price Chat 2: @priceDxSale1​

🌎 World Chats

  1. Japan: @DxSaleJP​

  2. Vietnam: @DxSale_vn

  3. Swedish: @DxSale_swe ​

  4. China: @DxSalecn​

If you are seeing old data, you should always do a hard refresh

try a hard refresh - CTRL + F5

I can't claim?

Everything is handled through the blockchain and there is no human interventions. You can't claim for these reasons.

  1. Your transaction to contribute never went through.

  2. You are connected with the wrong account.

  3. You have already claimed your tokens.

  4. You sent to the token address instead of the presale address.

If you still feel you don't apply to scenarios above, you can create a support ticket for investigation​

I have a couple of suggestions or require support that doesn't answer any FAQ - What should I do?

You can fill out our intake form that automatically creates a ticket on our board to action.

What are your current partnerships?

Currently DxSale is partnered with Zilliqa & Polygon(Matic) to help grow their token ecosystem. We also don't necessarily partner with chains and integrate right away for strategic value.

What's our definition of partnership?

  • We get on a call and demo our product and in return gain their support

  • We demo each features and get their blessing and work on a strategy to grow their respective token economy

What is your current supply?

You can view this medium article for supply - we will be updating based on recent locks. https://hash-dxsale.medium.com/dxsale-burning-final-supply-966cdfb570e0 You can also find a good supply count in the metric tabs of our staking application - https://staking.dxsale.network​

What are current live decentralized apps available?

All of our dApps can be found on our website http://dxsale.app We are currently live on 3 blockchains

  1. ETH

  2. BSC

  3. Polygon / Matic Network

Each network has 4 services

  1. Standard token launchpad (where we mint the utility token for the users for their presale)

  2. DeFi token launchpad (where the user mints his own token and transfers it on to our DAO)

  3. Token Locker (Lock any tokens with flexible vesting period on our platform)

  4. Liquidity Locker (Lock any liquidity token with flexible vesting period on our platform)

I'm having issues loading on trustwallet on mobile?

There seems to be a compatible issue on trustwallet side with SSL and hence you have to try http://dxsale.app for the data to load. We have submitted a ticket for investigation on our request.

How much tokens do I need to launch on DxSale?

You don't need to hold any SALE token to invest or launch on our launchpad. The value of SALE token comes from staking and receiving revenue generated from the platform.

Defi & Standard Presale Fee

Fees are different for each network we support. You can find the current fees on the create presale page for the Standard or DeFi dashboard.

Locker Fee

Locker Fee can be found when you are creating a locker. The fees are different and changing so best to see the website on dxsale.app for more information.

How can I earn Airdrop - revenue from all of presales conducted on the platform?

Only stakers of SALE are provided with share revenue.

  1. Head to staking.dxsale.network

  2. Stake your SALE - there is a 2% staking and 8% unstaking fee. Half of the fee is sent to burn address, other half is sent to the pool as yield.

  3. Once staked, you must initially register for airdrops by going to the airdrop tab. Once registered, you will earn airdrop from DxSale Team when they are ready to provide to users.

I did copy of SAFE coin - but i'm stuck and can't finalize

If you are yet another copy of SafeMoon please ensure that you do the following to finalize:

  1. setLiquidityFeePercent to 0

  2. setMaxTxPercent to 100

  3. setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled false

  4. setTaxFeePercent 0

  5. Learn to read and understand your own code

  6. Test your code on the test networks provided

  7. Call finalize

  8. setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled true

  9. setLiquidityFeePercent (To your lp tax fee amount)

  10. setTaxFeePercent (To your reflect fee amount)