Start here is a pure decentralized launchpad by DxSale.Network.

The DeFi launchpad allows anyone to transfer their minted contract tokens to raise capital.

Because the DeFi launchpad has custom tokens, you must review to determine for yourself if the owner has good intentions with his tokens. Join our active investors chats to get some feedback on various presales happening on the platform. Terms and Conditions‚Äč

Real Admins

Please make sure, we never ever ever gonna write you a DM and ask you for any REVALIDATION process or such things, THIS DOESN'T EXIST....

Always make sure you communicate with us.

  • Hash - @dxshas

  • Dev - @dxsdev

  • Kenny - @dxskny

  • Raphael - @dxsrph

  • Dennis - @dxsden

  • DaRabus - @DRabus

  • Luis - @Gz_Luis

ToDo List

We all know everyone likes detailed roadmaps but this space requires nimble and pivoting. Hence, it's pointless to provide waterfall milestones and schedules, rather here's a list of which we will work on (majority of which, scope will grow and shrink based on market).

  • Infrastructure Upgrade

  • BSC-ETH Bridge

  • V3 Upgrade - Launchpad

    • Buy & Burn Model implementation

    • Presale voting prior to developer finalization

    • All remaining Presale Token should be burnt. not stay in the smart contract

    • Scanning Tool

    • Sidebar - add additional information

    • Connecting Network and Wallet Optimizations

  • New Integrations (Networks, Timeline TBA)

  • Decentralized "Starter" Launchpad

    • Landing Page, Eligibility, Uniqueness

  • DxSwap

    • Useful Aggregation tools all in one place to close out the token journey from Launch -> Market