Start here is the Number one Decentralized Launchpad in the DeFi Space
DxLaunch allows anyone to transfer their minted contract tokens to raise capital.
Because DxLaunch allows custom tokens, you must review each project to determine for yourself if the owner has good intentions with their tokens.

Real Admins

Please beware of scammers. Many have attempted to impersonate our admins, our groups and even our website. Please always join our Telegram group @dxsale / @dxdevs for the fastest support
Always make sure you communicate with one of us and not a scammer. If you are using our application please also ensure your URL is either or!
List of Admins(always verrify double, there are "mailspoofers" around which fake Emails.:

ToDo List

We all know everyone likes detailed roadmaps but this space requires projects to be nimble and pivot frequently. Hence the following is a summary of some of our shorter term objectives.
  • DxMint Upgrade (Add DevFee Token and Earn Token)
  • Heco Chain Integration
  • CRO Chain Integration
  • DxScan (External scan page for all projects, locks and more launched or locked with DxSale)
  • DxFarm (Use existing farms with better APR incentives than competitors)
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