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Dx Introduction
With currently 13 supported chains, Dx is the biggest IDO Launchpad in the crypto space. As a truly decentralized token management platform, we aim for a low-barrier approach to launching your project. Instead of a steep learning curve and cumbersome interfaces, our platform will provide all the necessary tools to create and launch your project with no prior coding skills required. Of course, you can also use our platform if you’re just here to invest in a project you deem interesting. This will be the first decision you will face:
Are you an investor or a creator?
If you’re both: Even better. But let’s take one thing at a time.
First, check out the list of our official staff below. If you have any questions that can't be answered by reading our documentation, consider asking them for advice in our official chat groups which are listed under the section "Links".

Real Admins

Please beware of scammers. Many have attempted to impersonate our admins, our groups and even our website. Please always join our Telegram group @dxsale / @dxdevs for support.
Always make sure you communicate with one of us and not a scammer. If you are using our application, please also ensure your URL is either DxSale.app or DxSale.one!
List of Admins (always double-check, there are "mailspoofers" around with fake Emails)

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