DxSale Introduction

DxSale is a leading launchpad, token minting and liquidity locking platform that streamlines the process of creating, launching and locking tokens.
DxSale Introduction
Built on the decentralized principles of platforms like Uniswap, DxSale empowers anyone to participate in its launches without any limitations, unlike traditional launchpads that impose token-holding or staking requirements on users. Our application is designed from the ground up and revolutionizes the way new tokens are introduced in Decentralized Finance (DeFi).
DxSale offers several services on 16 different chains (zero coding required) to help developers save time and money when launching projects. In our launchpad we offer developers the ability to create traditional privatesales, presales, initial dex offerings (IDOs), fairlaunches and more which puts us ahead of competitors. Our contracts are completely audited with Skynet enabled by Certik​
DxSale offers users reliability and safety when buying new tokens with the addition of features such as KYC and Audit. By partnering with some of the best auditors and KYC providers out there including Certik, DxSale is number 1 when it comes to the safety and security of its users. See our supported KYC Partners Here.


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