Marketing Services

DxMarketing is coming in v5, however we connect our clients to you from now!
If you provide marketing services and would like to collaborate with us at DxSale and become part of the Dx Ecosystem - please contact one of the team members from the following section:
What do we offer to our Marketing partner?
  • 25% of what DxSale earns from your referrals.
    • You can claim your earnings directly from the referral section of DxSale.
      • Currently the referral system is under works for partners. You can access the pre-v5 partner referral claim at: https://www.dxsale25.online/
      • The above link is only for v4, from v5 it will be directly on the dxsale.app referrals page
  • A free spot on DxMarketing Application (Coming in v5)
    • This will open up a huge clientele for your call channel business for AMAs or pinned posts
    • Currently DxMarketing is done manually via our on boarding team.
  • A free voucher for the up coming DxAds system
    • You can advertise your call channel directly on dxsale.app or dx.app
  • Free lounge access for DxSale partners
  • Free twitter space speaker access for DxSale partners
  • Free marketing tweets for partnership announcements and other events.
  • Access to top tier business partners
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