DxSale Pedigree

DxSale is the first decentralized launchpad that popularized the need for having a secure way to raise funds in cryptocurrency
Being the first ain't easy
DxSale came at a time when raising funds meant knowing how to code in solidity or trusting someone with funds. Our revolutionary smart contracts changed the Decentralized Finance Industry history for the better ensuring ease of use and security for all. After a whole year of DxSale, competitor launchpads have followed our lead and still follows our innovations till this date.
Historic Launches
The launches that have happened on DxSale have proved time and time again why DxSale is the place to be for launching your token. Some of our most notable launches have an astounding ramp of 10,400% to 80,325,000%
The biggest launches in DeFi have all launched on DxSale
World Wide reach
DxSale has consistently reached users world wide without incentivizing click farming that other launchpads utilize. DxSale is the ONLY launchpad where clicking and visiting the website cannot be farmed and only to be used to browse and purchase tokens in a secure way without any proxies. DxSale is also the ONLY launchpad where it's completely smart contract dependent and not dependant on APIs from scan websites.