Dx Marketing and Incubation

DxSale offers various marketing tools to help you build community

DxSale offers many marketing opportunities to take your pre-raise marketing and post-raise marketing to the next level. As a rule of thumb, we suggest you spend 20% of the raised amount for the best raise experience and to guarantee a successful raise.

Please make a telegram group with DxSale CMs, Sales, and Founders for the best experience. When you reach out to DxSale CMs, please name the telegram group "DxSale <> [your token name]" and invite the following:

  • @dxsrph - Raphael Co founder

  • @dxskny - Kenny Co founder

  • @dxsden - Dennis Co Founder

  • @dxsjoe - Joel Onboarding lead

  • @isenosehokage - Isenose Onboarding Lead

  • @Kryxtalz - Angela Sales Lead

  • @escortscisor - Scisor Onboarding Lead

If you are not able to make the group, you can also let one of the Community mods to make a group, they will make the group for us

Please use this link or fill out the form below to get started

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