How to have a successful launch

Pre-planning and collecting community before raise is just as important as having a smooth experience
A successful launch means filling or exceeding the raise amount for your token. A healthy community and post raise marketing will take your token to the next level. To achieve a successful launch and healthy community post raise, you must ensure that your pre-launch is smooth.
As a rule of thumb, you always require 20% of raise as marketing budget. If you are raising 100k usd for your token, you should spend 20k usd for the smoothest launch possible
Speak to a DxSale Community Moderator and Customer Specialist for more information regarding Dx Marketing and Incubation
Follow this check list to have a successful launch:
  • Background Check via Dx partner
  • Auditing smart contract via Dx partner
  • Building Community / Investor
    • Creating pre launch PR via Dx Marketing
    • Creating a pitch deck for institutional buyers
    • Creating a Road map
    • Ensuring there are enough community for buy pressure via DxMarketing
      • Gain active community by being active and having activities
    • AMA amongst call channels on telegram / discord / binance live / twitch / twitter space via DxMarketing
    • White listing and private sales via DxSale white listing
    • Creating a white paper / lite paper
  • Post Launch listing on coin websites
    • Coinsniper
    • Coinmarketcap
    • Coingecko
    • Others
  • SEO building via Dx Marketing
    • News Articles
    • Mass youtube release
  • Beta testing of product / service post launch