Private Sale Tutorial

A Private Sale is an exclusive pre-public token offering. Owners set a predetermined hardcap and softcap. Upon success, which is defined by reaching the softcap, the funds raised are directly provided
Some of the features such as Vesting and White listing can be enabled and used after presale has been listed. If you want to limit the tokens being given out, please do it before the private sale starts. However, you must list the presale first in future time so you can edit these settings safely. It is recommended that you do this at least 24 hours before which gives both your team and DxSale team enough time to go through any plans to make this a smooth private sale.
This is the flow for DxSale's Private Sale
The following are the 6 commandments of DxSale that you must adhere to, to avoid issues and to have a smooth launch
  • I understand the functions of my contract.
  • I disabled all special transfer functions in my contract.
  • I disabled all fees or anything similar while I do my presale.
  • I have set Max Transaction Per Wallet to 100% of my supply.
  • I did NOT renounce ownership of my contract.
  • I am aware of what Liquidity is.
Once you understand how the presale flow works please see the tutorial steps below:
Creating the presale steps
Once you click Create Private Sale, you will be greeted with the following steps and form. You must complete each steps and forms correctly in order to successfully list the presale. Estimated time is 10 minutes if you are doing everything correctly.
Token Info
Copy paste your token address on the first step to get started.
Once you have entered the token you will see your token is recognized by the DxSale UI. You can now proceed to enter Soft Cap, hard cap, minimum/maximum contribution, private Sale rate, and lastly the vest settings for your liquidity that you raise, as well as the tokens that you give out. Do not worry if all of these are new to you, we will go through each of these so you better understand how to set up your very own private sale at DxSale! ☺️
Soft Cap
Soft cap / Soft capacity means the minimum amount of tokens that you will need to raise in order to consider the crowdsale/presale a success. Raising less than soft cap means you have failed the presale raise and the funds will automatically be back to the presale contributors and the custom token will be back to the presale creator.
Soft cap cannot be less than 51% of hard cap amount
Hard Cap
Hard cap / Hard capacity means the maximum amount of tokens that you can raise during the crowdsale/presale.
Hard cap cannot be more than twice the soft cap amount
Minimum and Maximum Contribution amount
Minimum and maximum contribution amount is the range at which a buyer can fund your token during crowdsale/presale. If the contribution is too high, the UI will automatically block the buyer. If the contribution is too low, the UI will automatically block the buyer.
This is a good tool to stop any bulk buyers who can easily dump tokens at exchange post presale
Minimum contribution cannot be 0, Maximum contribution cannot be lower than minimum and higher than Hardcap
Private Sale Rate
Private Sale Rate is the rate at which users get your token when they pay with native token during presale/crowdfunding/Initial Coin Offering/ Initial Dex offering
Presale Rate must be equal or more than the listing rate
In private sale at DxSale, you can decide how much money to receive right away and how much of the money to vest. Vesting means you are spreading the money raised coming to you in a scheduled manner. For example, in the screenshot below, it shows 50% of the funds that was raised will be coming 10 times in total spreading every 10 days. If you've raised 100 eth in total, with this settings you will be getting 50 eth right away and the rest of the 50 eth will be vested. The vested 50 eth will be split like the following:
Total Eth Received (%)
0 (successful finalized sale)
The more you vest, the more confidence your investors get in your sale. If you vest 100%, then the investors know that you are going to receive the liquidity slowly.
Project Information steps
The project information step page looks like this where you can easily upload your Logo, Banner , Website, social links (youtube, github, twitter, reddit etc.) as well as project description.
It is highly recommended that you fill out all of these to give your presale contributors and community every possible information about your project
To fill out the logo and banner link, you must have a link that ends with .png, .jpg, or .gif. You can upload your image/gif on a website such as
Imgur: The magic of the Internet
in case you do not have a link that does not end with the image or gif extensions.
Once you upload your image to Imgur, copy the Direct Link as shown below.
Paste the direct link of the image or image address on to the logo link or banner link section as shown below
More Features section
This section is not enabled during this stage of presale creation and only available after you have created the presale listing.
By default the tokens are locked after a successful private sale, you can unlock the tokens for the buyers and enable vested claim if you wish to give the tokens out slowly. Dxsale lets you unlock the tokens manually to prevent any one from making a dex pair pool right away. These settings can all be accessed after the listing has been created. These are features that set DxSale apart from any other competitors who gives out your tokens and can cause issues.
Once you are ready, set your private sale start and end time. The start time should be a minimum of 10 minutes from your current time. The private sale end time can be as low as 10 minutes. However it is recommended that you start it 24 hours from now and end it after 1 hour in case of any issues.
Once you are ready to list, click next to review your details and submit the listing. Congratulations! You now have a new private sale listing and you can now proceed to manage this sale for the settings we have discussed about earlier!