DxLock is the most popular locker decentralized app in the world across multiple chains. Users can lock their tokens or liquidity pool tokens to give their community the peace of mind

Rapidly selling a large quantity of tokens can lead to price volatility, which can trigger panic selling and ultimately result in the downfall of a project and loss of investment. These schemes, known as "pump and dump" or "rug pull" are detrimental to building trust in a project. DxSale's unique "DxLock" feature allows creators to control the pace and quantity of token sales, providing reassurance to investors of their commitment to the project's long-term success. This feature also allows investors to use it as a hedge against fraud and a means to protect their investments.

How to navigate to DxLock

When you are on the home page of https://dx.app/ or https://dxsale.app/ , you can have multiple ways to start using DxLock. The first way is to click the Create DxLock button on home page as shown below.

You can also hover on DxApps and click “Lock Tokens” or “Lock LP”

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