Fee Token

Fee token is a popular token type that auto yields and generates liquidity collected from anyone who buys and sells the token. This means that every time someone buys and sells a fee token, a fee is collected automatically and dispersed to the holders. A very popular token that utilized fee token model is called Safemoon (estimated all time high market cap of 14 billion usd)

What is being collected?

Reflection buy fee, Reflection Sell fee, Liquidity fee and Developer fee.

Reflection buy and sell fee are being collected to buy the tokens and redistributed to all the holders.

Liquidity fee is being collected to put on the liquidity of the token.

Developer fee is being collected by the developer team (in this case yourself) to do what ever you would like to do with that fee.

How to make Fee token?

Once you go into Fee token tab, you will be greeted with the form as shown below. Please follow the screenshot guideline and understand how the flow works and what the fees are about.

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