Dx Ads Banners

This is a tutorial on DxAds Banners

Dx Ads Banners are a great way to introduce your project or your brand to the world within DxSale!

The Banners can be found on the top of every page on DxSale on both the mobile and the desktop!

The two sizes that you can use are 728x90 for Regular and 1920x130 for Premium

Booking the Banners

To book a banner, simply head over to Dx.app and hover on MyDx tab and click My Promotions Create & View

Once you have clicked My Promotions Create & View, proceed to click on "Book Ad" under Create Banner Ad card

Lastly, if you have a Coupon or a Referral Code, please enter for any discounts or free Ads. DxSale gives out coupons to select few during promotions 😁 Click Book banner followed by your wallet prompt for confirmation, in case you are not sure what Book Banner button looks like, please see below

Make sure your wallet is connected for the wallet prompt, otherwise the payment will not be prompted and you will not be able to book the banner

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