Reward Token Locker Tutorial

DxSale’s Reward locker is the only locker in this industry which allows you to claim rewards without unlocking the locks.

You can click any of the pre-minted tokens on DxMint to do this step or if you have a token that you have created already, simply copy and paste it on the text section that says “Enter Token Address”.

Once you paste your address you will see the website showing you more options. You must choose the amount of tokens that you want to lock via DxLock. To select you can either put the amount of tokens via text box or use the slider to give a % based amount that you want to select for the lock.

Next is an optional token vesting feature, you can use it if you would like periodical withdraw instead of a full withdraw at the unlocking time. To read more about this please see the next subsection.

Next option is the calendar and timer for Unlock Time. Use the easy to use calendar feature to select the token unlock date.

Following are the optional options of Logo URL and Link to Your project. You can use these two to give an identity to your lock.

Highly recommend filling out Logo Url and Link to identify your project to give your community an easy identification to look for if they ever search for your token. A missing logo url or website is usually seen by communities as lack of care for the project

Once you click Lock Tokens, you will be greeted with Metamask Confirmation. Press Confirm to confirm your lock. Congratulations! You have successfully created your very own DxLock

In the case of running into Metamask errors please do not hesitate to read this document further on how to solve the issue

Token Vesting

DxLock Token Vesting is an optional feature that you can use to periodically withdraw your tokens. To use this simply click Open Token Vesting Settings. Select the total number of withdrawals that you would like to do followed by the period. Click enable token vesting when ready.

Managing Lockers

There are few ways to navigate to your locker for managing the lock to withdraw tokens or change information regarding your locker.

The page where you can manage your locker is from your actual lock page that you can share with your community. Only the wallet address associated with the locker can manage the locker.

If you do not see the Manage button, please make sure you are on the right wallet!

To get to the locker page after you have created your locker you can simply click the Manage Sale

Withdrawing tokens from locker

Once you are at the manage page , you will be greeted with these following options. Use the Withdraw Amount dropdown and Withdraw button to withdraw the tokens that are already vested or are already unlocked.

Extending Locker

To extend your locker, go to the manage page as mentioned above

You must extend your locker before your token lock expires. If the token lock expires you must withdraw everything and relock.

Claim tokens

DxLock’s Reward Lock is the only lock system in the world where you can claim any fees or rewards without having to unlock your tokens. If you want to claim any fees that have accumulated in the token address, simply go to manage page and click Claim under Native Reward or enter a custom Reward Token Address. Next press claim and confirm on Metamask to claim any fees that are accumulating.

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