Dxmint is a token minter / token maker. Users can easily create their own token within seconds for whatever they want to use it for. Suppose you want to make a token with your name, you can make it under few seconds.

Accessing DxMint

There are few ways to access DxMint. First way is to do it from the https://dx.app/ or https://dxsale.app/ home page by clicking Mint Token DxMint box as shown below.

The second way to access it from any screen is to click DxApps on the top bar of the website and click DxMint as shown below.

Similarly on mobile phones, you can access DxMint button of top bar by clicking the hamburger menu ☰

Using DxMint

DxMint can make various types of tokens without any coding required by the user! First you will need to know how to navigate the page easily.

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