Emergency Withdrawal

Emergency withdrawal is a feature that can be used anytime while a presale is still live (10 minutes prior to end). Note that this feature is different from normal withdrawal when a sale is cancelled!

When should I use emergency withdraw?

The emergency withdraw feature should only be utilized if you are experiencing doubts about your contribution during an ongoing presale. However, it should not be used if the sale is likely to fail regardless, as you will be subject to a fee for doing so. It is important to carefully consider your decision before utilizing this feature.

When can I use emergency withdraw?

Anytime until the last 10 Minutes BEFORE a Presale timer runs out. If the presale fails or looks like it will fail we recommend to wait until the sale timer ends. At the end of a failed sale you will be able to withdraw your contribution without any fees.

Why is there a fee to emergency withdraw?

Implementing a fee structure is crucial to maintaining the integrity of our features and preventing abuse by users. Without fees, users may engage in disruptive behavior, such as last-minute withdrawals, without any repercussions, potentially causing sales to fail. This fee structure ensures that users are held accountable for their actions and that the platform operates smoothly.

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