Positive reinforcement is a powerful strategy for fostering engagement within your community and ultimately, driving funding success. Expressing appreciation, such as through the distribution of tokens or native currency as rewards for achieving milestones, can cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship and instill confidence in early backers to continue supporting the project.

DxDrop was created to allow owners of tokens to distribute their tokens to large amounts of users with minimal effort on their part!

How to use DxDrop

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Enter the token address

  3. Enter a list where each line contains the address of a recipient and the amount of tokens, separated by a comma

  4. After you checked all the information hit "approve"

-> In the example, the first address is receiving 10 tokens and the second is receiving 100 tokens.

The same applies when you want to airdrop some base currency like BNB. For this to work you will need to change the airdrop type.

Number of Addresses

Depending on the chain, the number of simultaneous transactions can vary because of different block sizes.

If you experience any errors, consider reducing the number of transactions issued at a time.

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