Connecting & Navigating

DxSale offers Connection to popular wallets as well as 18 different networks. Keep reading to find out more

Find where to connect wallet

To connect your wallet initially click Connect Wallet at the top right of the browser on or as shown below on the screenshot.

If you are on mobile you can find the same Connect Wallet Button on the top right hand corner of the mobile website.

In case you are unable to connect wallet on the network you are trying to connect to please check the RPC url of your wallet. You can check the correct rpc from:

Choosing the wallet to connect to

Once you click connect wallet on browser you will be greeted by this DxSale Wallet modal.

You can easily click and choose which wallet to connect to via browser by clicking any one of the 4 choices in the browser extensions section.

Clicking Wallet Connect will give you a QR code which then you can scan from your mobile wallet to connect easily.

Wallet downloads and tutorials

We have included only Trust Wallet and Metamask information. Please do your own research to search for your favourite wallet on Windows , MAC, iOS, Linux, or Android. Subsequently expand your research on hardware wallets for extra security. Remember, do not ever give your pass phrase or wallet key to anyone! Not even your wife or husband.

Trust Wallet:

Trust Wallet Tutorial:


Metamask Tutorial:

DxSale Multi Network Switcher

DxSale supports 18 networks and they can be accessed via the network icon on the top right of the browser.

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