Common Issues and Fixes

We all have issues, but every issue has a fix. We fix, you launch.

The following are the 7 commandments of DxSale that you must adhere to, to avoid issues and to have a smooth launch

  • I understand the functions of my contract.

  • I disabled all special transfer functions in my contract.

  • I disabled all fees or anything similar while I do my presale.

  • I have set Max Transaction Per Wallet to 100% of my supply.

  • I did NOT renounce ownership of my contract.

  • I am aware of what Liquidity is.

  • I did NOT add Tokens to the DEX already.

Creating presale

This is the basic chart that you should follow while creating presale to understand what the possible issues might be during creating a presale.

Timer Pop Up Error

You might see the following type of screenshots where timer pop up as shown:

Please set your start timer a minimum of 10 minutes from now.

The timer is based on user time zone

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