OverFlow Tutorial

OverFlow is a special type of presale/crowdfunding/ico with hard cap or maximum amount specified, however if the amount raised goes above hardcap, the tokens are then distributed equally and the remaining is refunded back. This type of presale causes a lot of buy pressure post launch.

The following are the 7 commandments of DxSale that you must adhere to, to avoid issues and to have a smooth launch

  • I understand the functions of my contract.

  • I disabled all special transfer functions in my contract.

  • I disabled all fees or anything similar while I do my presale.

  • I have set Max Transaction Per Wallet to 100% of my supply.

  • I did NOT renounce ownership of my contract.

  • I am aware of what Liquidity is.

  • I did NOT add Tokens to the DEX already.

Once you understand how the OverFlow presale works, please proceed to create your own OverFlow!

Please go to dx.app and click on the "Create" button, then click on the "Create Your IDO" button.

In Step one, you need to select the sale type as "Overflow." To do this, below "Overflow," there is a "Select" button; click on that.

Token Info

Copy paste your token address into the second section or you can import your DxMinted token.

Overflow Information

Once you get to Create your Overflow, you are welcomed by couple of forms as shown below. Do not worry, we explain each of the items right below the screenshot.

Start With A Template

This is an automatic overflow Information fill up system by our dapp. You can set your information here as per your hard cap. You need to click on Low cap Gem/Mid raise/Long term raise.

Or Create Your Own

Overflow Amount: The amount of tokens you want to sell in this Overflow.

Listing Amount: The amount you want to list on the DEX after the overflow ends.

Soft Cap: Soft cap / Soft capacity means the minimum amount of tokens that you will need to raise in order to consider the crowdsale/presale a success. Raising less than soft cap means you have failed the presale raise and the funds will automatically be back to the presale contributors and the custom token will be back to the overflow creator.

Minimum and Maximum Contribution amount

Minimum and maximum contribution amount is the range at which a buyer can fund your token during the overflow. If the contribution is too high, the UI will automatically block the buyer. If the contribution is too low, the UI will automatically block the buyer.

This is a good tool to stop any bulk buyers who can easily dump tokens at exchange post presale

Minimum contribution cannot be 0, Maximum contribution cannot be lower than minimum and higher than Hardcap ( But there is no hardcap in the overflow)

Liquidity and DEX

This is the percentage of collected funds which gets send to the DEX on completion. The DEX section is where the liquidity will be added.

Liquidity % going to the DEX must be at least 51%

Token Distribution

In Token Distribution section you will see a diagram in percentage format! It will show how much tokens for Presale, how much tokens for Liquidity, how much tokens for Platform and how much tokens will be unlocked and burned!

Overflow Timings & Liquidity Unlock Time

Overflow Timing is an important step in the presale creation process. You must choose the timings carefully to ensure that your overflow creation is going smoothly and also to give you sample timing to enable features that you want to enable or to create hype for your crowd funding. Liquidity Unlock Time must be minimum of 1 month from overflow end time. This ensures that the liquidity pool token which acts like a “key” to the liquidity pool is safely locked. This makes it harder for bad players to pull liquidity from Dex and also ensures extra safety measures to your community.

Project Information steps

The project information step page looks like this where you can easily upload your Logo, Banner , Website, social links (youtube, github, X(twitter), discord, reddit etc.) as well as project description.

It is highly recommended that you fill out all of these to give your presale contributors and community every possible information about your project

To fill out the logo and banner, you need to click on Browse and upload an image with .png, .jpg, or .gif from your Device.

Once you upload your image you need to add social links of your projects such as: Website, X(Twitter), Telegram. After submitting logos and socials its time to add a good description for your project. For reference you can see your Presale Card Preview options at the right side of your project information section.

More Features section

This section is not enabled during this stage of presale creation and only available after you have created the presale listing.

Affiliate Earning

Empower your project with our affiliate program! Activate it after setting up creating your presale pool. Participants reap the benefits after the presale wraps up. Don't miss out on maximizing your project's potential.

Affiliate pays out referrers in native token.

But the project has to deposit extra tokens for another reason.

Let's say the hardcap is 10 BNB and your affiliate earning is 10%, 100 tokens are for presale.

I buy 10 BNB, you get 1 BNB affiliate.

The sale now has 9 BNB raised but I get tokens for 10 BNB (all 100), meaning whoever buys the remaining 1 BNB now needs the extra tokens to be able to also claim.

Enabling Whitelist

It is highly recommended to enable this and use this feature before presale starts!

Enabling white list gives you the ability to sell your tokens at presale to a set list of addresses instead of letting all of public to purchase. This is great for KYC control, private sale, or even as a marketing tactic. This feature ensures that certain buyers get priority. This feature can be disabled and re-enabled any time during a live presale.

Review and Submit

Review your presale and submit by clicking Start Presale and clicking confirm in your wallet to confirm transaction. Sale Creation fee is 200$ in native token and after your sale ends successfully you have to pay either 4% of raised amount or 2% of raised amount + 2% of sold token.

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