History of DxSale.Network

Pioneers & Innovators in decentralized launchpad technology.

Aug 2020 - DxSale.Network launched an IDO to create a solution to solve users from being rugged.

Nov 2020 - DxSale.app / Dx.app launched, becoming the first truly decentralized launchpad that lists on a DEX with locked liquidity.

Nov 2020 - Built the first innovative decentralized launchpad in the crypto space, setting a new standard for everyone - launching https://dxsale.app.

Jan 2021 - Added support for BSC

Feb 2021 - Added support for MATIC - official partners of Matic. proof

March 2021 - v2 release of dx platform

May 2021 - AVAX, FTM, Harmony, OKX, xDAi, HECO integrated with their DEX

Sept 2021 - v3 release of dx platform

Jan 2023 - v4 release of dx platform and rebranding from DxSale to DxApps

All of this can be verified on https://t.me/DxSaleAnn

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