Call Channels

Call Channels are an essential part of Defi and we would love to work with you guys on multiple fronts
If you are a call channel on telegram or on discord and would like to collaborate with us at DxSale and become part of the Dx Ecosystem - please contact one of the team members from the following section:
What do we offer to our Call Channel partner?
  • 25% of what DxSale earns from your referrals.
    • You can claim your earnings directly from the referral section of DxSale.
      • Currently the referral system is under works for partners. You can access the pre-v5 partner referral claim at: https://www.dxsale25.online/
      • The above link is only for v4, from v5 it will be directly on the dxsale.app referrals page
  • A free spot on DxMarketing Application (Coming in v5)
    • This will open up a huge clientele for your call channel business for AMAs or pinned posts
    • Currently DxMarketing is done manually via our on boarding team.
  • A free voucher for the up coming DxAds system
    • You can advertise your call channel directly on dxsale.app or dx.app
  • Free lounge access for DxSale partners
  • Free twitter space speaker access for DxSale partners
  • Free marketing tweets for partnership announcements and other events.
  • Access to top tier business partners
How to become our Call Channel partner?
  • Create a group with our DxSale team members for discussions
  • Provide wallet address for your unique referral code
Doing the above passively earns you 25% of what DxSale earns just by having your community use DxSale clicking links in this bot