DxLaunch Tutorial

Here you will find a detailed tutorial on how to launch your token. By following these simple steps you will be able to launch a presale in no time.
  1. 1.
    Head to “DxLaunch” and click “Start or Manage”
2. Connect your Wallet
3. Select Chain with your supported currency
4. Choose DEX and enter your token address
5. Fill out the form
Presale Rate:
Set the price of your token in relation to the currency you will use for the liquidity pool. Ask yourself: How many tokens will people get for every BNB they are willing to pay.
For a successful launch, your project will need to at least reach the Softcap. This means you need to calculate what a realistic goal looks like for your project. If the contributions reach the Hardcap you will need to go live with your presale within 48h.
Contribution Limits:
Set the maximum amount for people to contribute. The lower you set the limit, the more people you need to reach your goal. If you set your limit too high, the chances of people dumping large proportions right on launch may increase. So keep in mind that there’s a sweet spot.
PancakeSwap/ApeSwap Liquidity:
The value of your token is defined by the liquidity locked in your pool. The less liquidity in percentage is allocated, the fewer people will be able to regain their initial investment.
Listing Rate:
Set the price for when your token is listed on a DEX. If your Presale Rate is higher than your Listing Rate your token will be more expensive to buy when it’s listed on a DEX later on and vice versa. So don’t make the Listing Rate cheaper than the Presale Rate! Early investors expect to buy tokens at a bargain price. If they find out they bought at a premium they will understandably feel betrayed.
Additional Information:
Here you can put all the links to your existing online presence, a description, and logo of your project.
Set the timeframe in which your presale will take place. The maximum time for a presale is two months. Note: A longer presale time doesn’t necessarily make your project more successful. Sometimes a short burst of hype is all you need.
You’re almost there. Check all the information for correctness and consider using our preview feature. Note: Make sure to have a plan for every percentage of your tokens. Unused tokens should not exist in your strategy.
6. Hit "Submit"
7. Confirm Transaction