Transparency Features

The idea behind these features is to help investors identify high-risk tokens.
This will encourage developers to have their contracts audited before an IDO on Dx, and address as many weak points in the contract before it becomes a problem further down the line. Auditors are also available to advise on a better tokenomics model and ideal liquidity percentages to support the market.
Audit Partners
KYC stands for “Know your Customer”, the process of revealing your identity. In a space where most people want to act anonymously, it can be seen as counterintuitive to get KYC’ed, but practically all scams also work by never taking on personal responsibility. So, by revealing your identity you will have a potent tool for building trust with your community.
Another upside to being audited and KYC’ed: This information will show up as badges on your project page on our dashboard and inform the whole community that you have taken these important steps, and as a result, you will be perceived as more trustworthy.
KYC Partners
How to update Badges
To receive a „KYC“ or "Audited" tag on our platform you have to contact the partner company of your choice. The prices and procedures depend on the company.
Note: If you KYC for your project with one of our Partners, you also receive a free AMA and some general marketing advice.
Important Note: Audits are no guarantee for a project being a good investment or having a secure contract. Don't rely solely on them!
We will be adding more KYC and Auditing firms in the future