You need less than $1 and just 1 click to create and launch a coin on BASE FUN!

Base fun prevents rug pulls by ensuring token safety and promoting fair launches with no presales or team allocations.

Are you new to Don't worry we are going to help you with each steps of using base fun. At the beginning you need to collect your wallet with dapp.

Make sure you are on the BASE chain/network.

Base.Fun is only based on BASE blockchain.

Once you connect your wallet with our base fun dapp then you are good to go for the next step "MAKE COIN". Click on "MAKE COIN" sections and input your token information.

"Create a coin" information step page will be same as below. You can easily upload your token Name, Ticker, Description, Logo, X(Twitter), Telegram, Website and Youtube.

To fill out the logo you need to click on Browse and upload an image with .png, .jpg, or .gif from your Device.

If you put everything correctly on the "Create a coin" section then its time create history by clicking on "MAKE COIN" button. Click on Make Coin button and confirm it on the metamask.

Bang on! Your created token is ready to trade now.

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