If a great quantity of tokens is sold too fast, a price shock transpires. This can lead to more panic selling, which usually results in the early death of a project and general loss of capital. Such schemes are commonly referred to as “pump and dump” or “rug pull”. This is why assuring price stability is one of the most important ways to promote trust in a project. By using “DxLock” creators can define when and how many tokens can be sold to reassure investors of their intentions. Of course, investors will be able to use this feature as well as a hedge against fraud or as a means to save up.
Lock Types
Regular Locker
The token Locker works by depositing a certain number of tokens. This ensures that you won’t dump the number of tokens after launch
LP Locker
This Locker keeps the LP tokens you provide in a smart contract to initiate the liquidity pool for your project. Same as the Regular Locker, they help you gain your investors’ trust.
Reward Locker
These lockers are exclusive for tokens with reflection tokens like Tikki/Baby Tokens and guarantee the reflections you make are kept in the Locker. You can claim these rewards whenever you want!
(A 1% fee of the reward tokens is charged for claiming them, this fee goes to our SALE holders.)
DxLock is the only app to offer reward lockers. Reward lockers allow you to claim any rewards your token earns you such as BNB, ETH, USDT, BUSD or more anytime. Please note this is not a reflection token locker, reflections will accumulate and can only be withdrawn once the lock expires.
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